Saturday, May 19, 2012

In my 20's

It's incredible how much you can change in a short period of time! I ran my first 20 mile run today!!! My mom tricked me, and I actually got 20.5. That extra half mile may not sound like much, but it is so hard when you are just trotting along.

It wasn't a bad run at all, though. I definitely feel like a marathon is an attainable goal, now. October seems so far away, but I missed marathon season around here.

Sam and I have been having a blast! We are in full swing with wedding details. I ordered invitations this week, so it's officially happening now! LOL. I am excited to finally get our cake choice made this next week too. I cannot wait to marry my best friend. God really has provided me an incredible spouse!

He left me a sweet note on our "I love you because" frame :$

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