Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sleeping in until 7AM!

I am old. I rejoice when I am able to sleep in until 7... I used to think that waking up early was stupid, but now I see how useful it really is. More often than not, I am actually mad when I sleep too late!

The reason that I got to sleep in this morning is the MRI. Sam's got an appointment for one today. Hopefully we are getting closer to getting some real answers. I am genuinely exhausted from waiting to know something. Prayers for answers and for guidance!

Our little pupperoos have been on a crazy streak! I think that steroids really helped Dodger, and Gwenny is feeding off of that!

I hope I am not just being hopeful about Dodger, but I want to believe his cancer is slower than they originally thought. My handsome puppy, it breaks my heart to see him hurt!

Last weekend was an absolute BLAST!! I got a PR and shocked myself. I ran my half in 1:58! That's 11 minutes faster than last time, which is about 30 seconds a mile. Goodness me, wowza! I am excited and already ready for the next. Definitely thinking about a fall full marathon... Need to start my hill work.

Excited for the future! Loving the blessings that I enjoy everyday! Praying for the grace to continue to wait elegantly for all the answers.

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