Saturday, August 2, 2014

Moose: 15 Months... Where's my baby??

How Big?:  He is big, too big! 15 months are seriously growing right in front of my eyes. He is 25 pounds and 32 inches tall. He is 95th percentile for his head and height. He is 80th percentile for his weight. 
Clothing Size?: My child is a small giant. 18 month tops do NOT fit in the slightest. We are solidly in the 2T shirts. Pants seem to be a bit more challenging. He is tall for 15 months, but he isn't quite tall enough for 2T pants. (The 2T shorts are just long.) 24 month pants seem to fit better length wise, but some of them are snug in the waist. PJs which all seem to run small must be a 3T, now, and honestly, I have just picked him up some 4T t-shirts at the resale shop for him to sleep in. He's a baby, and it's still hot out. Pants aren't strictly required. We are also shifting up to size 5 diapers because 4's were getting a little snugalug. 
What/When is he eating?: The highchair and Moose are rapidly growing apart. He prefers a big boy chair, which means he eats less. We let him snack often because I don't think he eats enough at mealtimes (double-edged sword I know!!!). He absolutely LOVES ravioli. (see above picture, haha.) He also is a blueberry monster. 
Movement?: We are working on jumping and swimming. He just goes all the time. He seems fearless. He can climb way too many things. 
Milestones?: Words. Words. Words. We have been working on animal noises non-stop (because he likes them). This last week he has really started to soar with them!!! He is attempting to oink, meow, moo, and quack. He can firmly woof. He is trying like crazy to communicate! First travel experience this month, too! We went camping at Tyler State Park with my parents. He loved it. He pushed his Tonka truck up and down the hill over and over. He is such a good natured little boy! First time sleeping somewhere without a crib (in the camper with me). Crazy crazy stuff! 
Hardest Moment(s) of the Month: Moose has started screaming. It's not a delightful squeal. It's not a little oh-poor-baby scream. It is an all out someone must be murdering me SCREAM-at-the-top-of-my-lungs scream! It has been very hard on us and our eardrums. The screams are because he is hungry or tired or wet or stuck somewhere or can't get his toy or happy or perfectly content or wants to see how loud he can scream... you get it? He just screams. We are working on it, but there is nothing harder than trying to communicate with a toddler (who occasionally is replaced by a screaming alien baby). All my research says that this, too, shall pass. I believe it, but I am sooooo ready for that to happen already. 
Best Moment(s) of the Month: This month has been incredibly awesome! The bigger he gets the more he is capable of. He seems to be getting more and more comfortable with new places. The park is less warming up to it and more playing. The pool has turned into a work out for Sam and I to keep a hold of our 15 months old who doesn't seem to realize he can't actually swim. Taking him places is such a blast! I know that there are folks that want to wait and enjoy their lives without kids, and I do get it. But I looked at Sam the other day and told him that life had only truly started for us 15 months ago, and we had no idea before! I am not saying your kids are your whole life because yes, I am a whole person aside from Moose's mom, but I cannot even describe the perspective my little boy gives me on the world. He makes me a better person. I am less judgemental and more understanding. My definition of patience has changed more than a little, and I cannot even describe the love I now know. It's been the best summer! 
Looking Forward to: Well... I cannot say I am looking forward to school starting this year, but I can say that I will be excited for Moose to get to go to Football games. There will be lots of fun to be had in the next month I am sure :) 

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