Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Bo & Moose: 4 months & 21 months

Bo How Big?: Bo went to the doctor today and is officially 15 pounds and 25.5 inches long. I love my big boys!!!
Bo Clothing Size?: 9 months... Those 12 months still looking baggy, but we are headed there soon because when he stretches with those big baby stretches he is full to the brim in his pajamas. 
Bo What/When is he eating?: What, what 4 months on breastmilk!!! Proud momma right here... The doctor said as soon as he is consistently pooping at least every 5 days we can start cereal for baby boy. 
Bo Sleep?: What happened to my sleeping kid? I went back to work for real, and Bo decided he missed me so much he wanted to hang out with me in the middle of the night... a lot! We are back to waking every 2-3 hours all night most every night.
Bo Milestones?: He rolled over and back solo! Woohoo... He took a bath with his big brother! He went to the nursery at church for the first time. He is playing with toys < extra weird to me because Moose didn't care about toys for a long long time, and Bo already will grab stuff and shake it (or mostly try to eat it.) 
Bo Movement?: Bo wants to sit up so bad! He hates not being able to see his brother. He wants to wrestle with Daddy and Moose all the time. He rolled over all by himself onto his tummy and back onto his back. Stuff is going to get crazy around here real soon - for real.

Moose: 21 Months

Moose How Big?: Moose has thankfully slowed up on his crazy growth spurts, and I think we are holding steady at about 28 pounds. (The same size as Gwenny. Awe!) 
Moose Clothing Size?: Everything from my last post is still pretty much true for him 3T-4T clothes. 
Moose What/When is he eating?: Moose has fallen madly in love with ketchup! He still isn't a super fan of sitting still to eat, but we've really been working on it this last month. The high chair is officially for babies, so he will sit at a chair with us at the table for about half a meal! 
Moose Sleep?: We tried to push Moose's bedtime back a bit to a more reasonable time (because we had been starting bathtime at 6:30 each night), but it was a total fail! Scooting it back even a half hour turned our easy bedtime guy into a monster... Have I mentioned this kid is almost a terrible two? Crazy little man. This month we have had some real wallers about bathtime and bedtime! 
Moose Milestones?: Moose is a little parrot! He says so many new things on nearly a daily basis. It's insane. He is working on putting more words together into concepts. He officially climbed out of his crib at Grandma's house at naptime. He hasn't tried here at home, but little monkey man decided Bo can have his crib at "Gagas". 
Moose Movement?:  There must be something in little boys that tells them to climb. Climb this. Climb that. Climb on the table. Climb the ladder at the park. Climb the stairs. Climb up your brother's swing (while he's still in it, of course). Climb your Daddy. Did I mention Moose climbs a lot?

Family: January 2015
Hardest Moment(s) of the Month: This month we here in the Riley household have learned what the terrible twos are. A little irrational, stubborn alien with limited volume control and an insanely high pain tolerance comes in and takes over the little person that used to be your sweet baby. Moose has decided that changing his clothes is THE. WORST. THING. EVER. He also is on nap strike, bath strike, car seat strike,... So if you see a set of parents standing in a parking lot with that kid with maple syrup in his hair screaming at the top of his lungs because he hasn't napped and refuses to get in the car - it's probably us or you know any parent of a stubborn irrational little adorable monster. (Yes, yes we will let you hang out with him while he screams while we go somewhere else, anywhere else even for 10 minutes.)
Best Moment(s) of the Month: Bo is getting big enough to really interact with things. Watching Bo grab the "o ball" (the one with all the holes) has been so much fun! Also, watching Moose and Bo beginning to really interact with each other. The bond between there two was instantaneous. There's something so special about this love they have for one another. It's amazing. 
Looking Forward to: We, as always, are looking forward to the fun that this next month will bring us. There are zero Valentine's Day plans on our docket and that is fine by me. If you are kidless or your kids are big, do me a favor go out with your spouse (not necessarily to dinner) and enjoy your time! I think Sam and I are most looking forward to spending some really good time with each other soon.

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