Sunday, February 8, 2015

Happily Ever After (Week One)

I am a total sucker for all things marriage. I love marriage books, couples devotionals, movies about marriage, date nights.. You get the point. So when I heard our church was starting a marriage series, you better believe I was fired up!!! 

Happily Ever After at Living Church

Today was week one in the series and Pastor Dan preached a great message about the importance of finding fulfillment through God individually, rather than seeking that satisfaction out of your relationship. 

You can't fill up that hole inside you with another person; only God can do that for you. 

It was a really on point message for me. Since I was that person who wanted to settle because I feared I would never be complete without a man, I definitely felt this message resonate with me. Sam was a very self-assured man to begin with, so I think this idea that people seek others to fix their brokenness is a bit foreign to him.  

This week's notes:

Dan used the, as he described it, weird love story of Jacob, Rachel, & Leah (Genesis 29) to explain what happens when you seek relationships to fill a void in yourself, rather than seeking God. 

After reading the WHOLE story, I am left wondering - um, what? I am assured that the team at LC has more in store for us on this one because that is one wack-a-doodle love story!!!! 

I love how excited I am about going to church every week, and I cannot wait to hear more next Sunday.

Have a blessed week!!! 

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