Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Our Life: Confessions of a Secret Selfie Addict

Warning Selfie Overload:
Mom. Wife. Teacher. Coach. Christian. Friend. Daughter. Blogger. Sister. And self-proclaimed selfie addict.

This confession could seem quite odd to you. Maybe you're thinking, huh, I don't remember her posting very many selfies, at least not in several years, maybe when she was in college. true story

My facebook, my Instagram, my blog, my Twitter are all mostly filled with my kids not a daily selfie, but see this is where my problem lives. I LOVE to take a selfie, but then, what do I do with them?!? 

They end up living on my phone unt I fill up my storage and go hunting for things to delete before I actually gave to go download my pictures to my computer. Or I text them to my mom. What mom doesn't love a picture of their kid? Lol. Well, no more (ok really probably forever), but at least today: I feel bold and beautiful and let's post an obscene amount of selfies...

To support the team 
When I fix my hair 
When I have my kid's stuffed dog
The wreath in the background 
Hair fixed and a wreath 
Yes, even when sick 
Or looking good out and about 
Hat selfie 
Before the haircut selfie 
And of course Momma & Bo 

I told you; I've got selfies for days!!! Be proud of the you that you are... And post a few selfies ;)

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