Sunday, June 2, 2013

Moose: 5 Weeks Woah

 5 Weeks
He is getting so so big! I can't believe how expressive he is getting.
How Big?: 9lbs 7oz & 21.5in
Clothing Size?: 0-3 months & officially in a size 1 diaper
What/When is he eating?: He is eating more and more.  I think he is hitting another growth spurt because I cannot get  him enough milk it seems like.  He gets pretty frustrated trying to nurse sometimes... we have had some breastfeeding issues (I am working on a post all about our experience with breastfeeding, so that will be soon.) But I have been pumping a bit more, and he is enjoying eating from the bottle.  The milk is all the same after all :)
Sleep?: We have had 2 nights where he slept for 8 hours!!! Holy Cow!  We both woke up worried that something was wrong with him.  (Not a thing wrong... just a sleepy little guy.) For the the most part he is sleeping about 6 hours at night.  We will take it and pray he keeps it up!  
Movement?: Oh yeah... I know it's pretty early, but I witnessed it so I know it's true.  Moose has rolled from his tummy to his back on three separate occasions.  I don't think he knows what he is doing by any stretch, but it's adorable to see him do. 
Milestones?: First Mommy & Baby shower... lol, sometimes babies like to have exploding diapers all over you, at least we were at home. :)  First walk at the park. First journey to a Mexican Restaurant.  First time rolling over from tummy to back. 
Hardest Moment(s) of the Week: Breastfeeding has continued to be the hardest thing we have experienced. Sam and I had planned on going on a date on Sunday, but Sunday morning I woke up feeling terrible.  Awful, terrible, AWFUL.  I had a sore boob, an upset tummy, and a fever.  My fever just kept rising and that sore spot on my breast just kept hurting.  It wasn't even the side that had a milk blister last week.  Ulg.  I ended up texting Nurse Emily, and I proceeded to call my doctor's office. Yes, I was told I had mastitis.  I got an antibiotic, and I was pretty much in bed for two days before I felt any better. Not fun.  I wanted to give up breastfeeding, and that is exactly what I talked to Moose's pediatrician about on Tuesday at our appointment.  He is awesome (Thank you Lauren for suggesting him.) He convinced me that I needed to stick it out until Moose is two months.  I have added a lot more pumping versus nursing, but even these last couple of days have gotten a little easier.  I'm glad I didn't give up.  I just want to say that anyone who has ever breastfed for any period of time is INCREDIBLE.  You are mighty mighty women... don't forget it!!! (Here is the link to my post about the start of my breastfeeding experience.)
Best Moment(s) of the Week: Our walks in the mornings have been awesome! I am loving getting out in the sunshine and strolling around the neighborhood.  The weekends are also my absolute favorite things because we get to have family snooze time.  After Moose wakes up and eats, Sam puts him on his chest and we all lay in bed sleeping a little bit, waking a little bit, sleeping some more.  It's the best!!!
Looking Forward to: Sam starting Summer Break! I can't wait for him to be home with us all the time.  I also see my doctor next week, so I am hoping to be released back to exercising! :) (And hopefully work, since I have training the week after that, haha!)

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