Sunday, June 2, 2013

Moose: Newborn Pictures

The week after my little Moose man was born the wonderful Maegan came to our house to take his picture.  I was a nervous wreck and the baby cried half of the shoot... and yet Maegan still managed to take gorgeous photos in our house!

These photos will always be part of our coming home story because if you recall from our one week post, my darling husband shaved his entire face and head just days after we got home from the hospital. Cue the waterworks! I was a hateful momma to him and asked, how could you do this to me? Before our ONCE in a lifetime photo shoot!!! Oh how cruel are the hormones, haha! Well, now that story will live on, and so will Sam's chin in our wonderful newborn pictures.

You can check out our incredible (and crazy patient) photographer on her Facebook page here, and also you can see the awesome maternity pictures she took with us earlier this year.

Without further ado... Moose-zilla

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