Sunday, June 9, 2013

Moose: 6 Weeks & Summer Bucket List

Mooserton is growing and growing! Where is all the time going?
How Big?: He is over 10 pounds & over 21 inches long.
Clothing Size?: 0-3 months & officially in a size 1 diaper
What/When is he eating?: He is eating breast milk exclusively, and we have passed the 6 week mark.  I am so proud of the two of us for making it this far.  He is eating about every 3 hours, and we are both getting better at it all. 
Sleep?: He pretty consistently sleeps 6 hours at night, and occasionally goes 8 hours now.  I'm finding that it depends on how much he is awake during the day. 
Movement?: He loves to do his Superman pose.  He rolls from his belly to his back.  He keeps getting wiggly.  Looks like we won't be setting him on the couch and walking away anymore!
Milestones?: First time swimming! Woohoo... he relaxed in the water, but only for a few minutes.  It was pretty cold, though.  (Thank Emily for getting us out of the house.) First time visiting Grandma at work. First time visiting Daddy at work.  We got out of the house a lot this week!!!  
Hardest Moment(s) of the Week: I am going to count my blessings and say that this has really been an incredible week.  The hard moments weren't really all that hard. :)
Best Moment(s) of the Week: Going for a run! I got cleared at the doctor's office on Wednesday to start exercising again, so Wednesday afternoon I went for a run. 1.5 miles and not too fast, but I'll take it all day long.  Thursday, I ran 2 miles a little bit faster.  Friday, I went for a swim (600 meters), and yesterday, Emily and I went for a run together... we got 2.5 miles. And then I went back for 1.75 more.  My legs feel alive! And a bit sore.
The other best moment of the week was going on a date with my husband!!! Sam and I got to eat On the Border all by ourselves & we went to see "Now You See Me".  It was awesome to be just us for a minute. 
Looking Forward to: Getting through this week.  This next week is going to be hard for me... I have to leave the baby for three different days.  We are taking JV cheer pictures tomorrow. I have training Tuesday and Thursday.  I will be so excited when the week is done, and we can start checking things off our Summer Bucket List!

Here are some pictures from our week! 

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