Monday, June 24, 2013

Moose: Weeks 7 & 8: Hello Growth Spurts!

Taking care of an infant is a full time job, so I am a little bit behind on the blog... but here are the last two week's worth of updates :) 

How Big?: He is HUGE.  When I put him in his car seat now, he just looks like a giant.  We go to the doctor for his two month visit on Tuesday, so we will get the official weight and height then! 
Clothing Size?: 0-3 months and a few things that are 6 months.  Nothing newborn even remotely fits anymore.  Diapers are still a size 1, and we have decided that our favorite kind of diapers are the Huggies Little Snugglers.  
What/When is he eating?: Oh my gosh, Can I just say that breastfeeding gets so much easier over time!!! He is a good eater these days.  I very rarely have pain that goes on past the initial latch.  I am pumping a lot more of his feedings, which is very convenient, but also gives me so time to myself.  He still has only had 100% breast milk! Another huge goal met... woohoo!!! (There is no judgement of anyone who has used formula by the way.  It's just this was an epic accomplishment for us.) 
Sleep?: We have a bedtime routine now.  He gets a big bottle between 9-10.  Then, he gets put in his pack-n-play at around 10:30-11:00.  He normally settles himself to sleep and sleeps until 6:00.  He is a little alarm clock at dawn.  In the daytime, things are less scheduled, but he normally sleeps from about 7:30am - 9:00am.  Yay for a good sleeping baby!  
Movement?: He moves all over! He can wiggle himself in a big circle.
Milestones?: Smiling at us when he sees and hears us.  He can recognize us!! Best milestone so far.  (Sam wanted to contribute that Moose's poop has officially started to stink in the last two weeks.) He got to wear his first Rangers shirt and celebrate his first Father's Day with his daddy! Incredible stuff to see a man and his son.  Moose also got to meet his Uncle Shawn and his cousins for the first time.  What a fun fun summer. 
Hardest Moment(s) of the last two Weeks: It was really hard for me to leave and go to training the week before.  I had to learn how to pump while away from the house, and I had to be away from Moose all day.  I made it through those two full days and one half day a lot better than I thought I would. 
Best Moment(s) of the Week: These last two weeks of summer have been full of fun and memories, so many that there is no way that I could narrow it down.  Here is some of the fun that we have been up to...

First time swimming with Daddy... Moose loves the water, but he can't be cold for too long or he is one unhappy little camper.

Uncle Shawn got to hold his nephew for the first time! And so did little Sammy.  Coolest stuff to have a bunch of family and kiddos running around the house. 

Shawn and his family stayed out at the lake when they came to see us, so my parents came with us out to their campsite.

Sam got to celebrate his first Father's Day as a daddy at the Rangers Game.  Moose couldn't go this year because it was just too hot, but he and Alan got to kick back under the home run porch in the shade.  Fun stuff!

I found a new app that lets you put really, really cute font on pictures!

Moose and Momma went to see daddy play softball.

Moose loves to lay there and look out those windows when his Grandma changes his diapers!  Our other big news for the week... Grandma is going to keep Moose when we go back to work! No daycare for Moose!!! Hooray!

Looking Forward to: Continuing to exercise! Continuing to love Summer!  More pool time. More relaxing time. More of all the wonderful-ness!!!!!!! 

Lots of love!
The Rileys

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