Thursday, March 27, 2014

Moose: 11 Months

How Big?: Moose man is a giant man! I swear he get keeps getting taller. Each day I notice that he can reach the tops of more and more things. The kitchen counters are still a little too high, but tables are nothing to this kid. He can stand on his tip-toes like a champ! He isn't a plumpy.. In fact, I think he's pretty thin, but I think that is part of his growing tall thing. I will be interested to hear where he is at percentage wise at his 1 year appointment, next month. (OMG ONE YEAR IN A MONTH!) 
Clothing Size?: He is in 18 months and really we can start looking towards 24 months. (especially pjs... I don't know why they run so small) His pants are a little more true to size, but I think that is because he is a little beanpole.  He is in a size 4 diaper because the 3's were just too tight on him for my liking.  
What/When is he eating?: He will eat bread or crackers over any other option, but if it isn't an option he will pick strawberries over any other option. We are weaning him away from his puff-dependency, too. He really likes waffles. He is still drinking somewhere around 5 bottles a day, too. (50ish ounces) Crazy-ness
Sleep?: This kid is so inconsistent with sleep. One night he will fall right to sleep at 7:30 and not even budge until 7:00 the next morning. The very next night he is totally sleep resistant and wide-awake at 5:30. Who knows? He refuses to take naps sometimes, and then, he will suddenly crash out for a 3 hour nap. I just can't get him to stick to a routine. (despite our attempts!) 
Movement?: He almooooost took a step, but then he decided that crawling on his hands and feet was faster. He likes to bear crawl around the house. I keep saying I think he will walk, but then, he doesn't so who knows? First time mom problems....  I wrote all this out Tuesday to post and then Tuesday night he took one step!!!! And then last night STEP baby STEP baby STEP!!!! I wouldn't call it walking, yet, but he is taking a few steps at a time!!! BIG BIG DEAL for this momma, whoop whoop
Milestones?: He has 5 teeth. I can't remember if he had the last one last month or not. I must already be getting pregnancy brain. Oh sheesh. He is starting to babble like a crazy man. I swear he tries to say real words all the time. 
Hardest Moment(s) of the Month: I have been so so so so so (ok you get it) sick with this pregnancy that I just cannot do all the things I want to. One of those things is playing with Moose whenever I want. It is super tough on me. 
Best Moment(s) of the Month: I loooove to watch Sam and Moose play. One of my favorite things, that people think I hate but really I love, is that Moose prefers Sam. He wants Daddy pretty much exclusively. He has started throwing fits when he can't have Daddy. (That is the point at which I sing to Moose "Patience is a virtue, one you have learn, too.") He loves him some boy time! 
Looking Forward to: Moose's first birthday is just a month away... oh holy cow. I have a lot to do. Oh geez... maybe I should have thought about that. LOL 

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