Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pregnancy: First Trimester Must Haves

The first trimester is tough stuff. You are tired ALL the time. If you are anything like me, you are sick ALL the time. Somedays I just don't want to climb out of the bed, but as second-timer I know that there are better times ahead of me, if I can just hang on and make it through.

I am by no means an expert, but these are the things that are helping me get through these first couple of months.

1. Be Maternity BeBand from Target - This little gem is worth it! It's for while you are in between regular clothes and maternity clothes. Even if you haven't popped yet, it is an amazing thing because the first trimester bloat makes pants with buttons really uncomfortable. Embrace the belly and wear this thing! 

2. Cardigan - Twofold: Hiding pregnancy is easier with layers. If you aren't ready to tell the world, then you can keep your secret a bit longer with a sweater. The other thing is I always get cold when I'm pregnant. My thermostat is way out of wack in general, but it's worst when I'm working for two. I always have a sweater or jacket with me to toss on. 

3. Tissue - For whatever reason, the first trimester turns me into a sick, snotty two year old. I mean literally, I am a snot factory. EW! I have to keep tissue in my purse, on my desk, and next to the bed to survive.

4. Gummy Prenatals - My doctor and I have talked this through (you should talk to yours), but she says any prenatal is better than none. I am sooooo sick right now that sometimes taking a pill just isn't going to cut it. The prenatal pills are heavy and make my stomach ache. Gummies are a lot easier to handle, and they are sort of like candy. 

5. Jolly Ranchers  - Hard candy of any kind will do really, but sucking on candy helps me not feel like I'm going to hurl every single second of every single day.

6. Peppermints - When the candy is just too sweet, a peppermint can do the job and calm the angry belly. I try to keep them on hand for post throwing up, too. No one, including you, wants to smell throw up breath.

7. Gatorade - Somedays water makes me throw up more than anything. I have to sip on a gatorade all day just to keep anything down. You have to stay hydrated! It's the key, number one thing! I try to have the lemon-lime flavor on hand at all time. 

It's not the most glamorous list in the world, but it's what is getting me by... The first time I might have had make-up or hair tricks, but this is pregnancy number 2. I have an almost 11 month old at home; beauty is a novelty to me these days. If you are in your first pregnancy and feeling awful, remember to enjoy every second of it because someday you will miss this part... Yes, you will miss the gross bloat, the greasy hair, the snotty nose, and the nausea because trimester one is all about novelty. It's new and surreal. Enjoy the excitement and before you know it... you will feel like a whale and be ready to meet your little blessing!! 

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