Sunday, November 16, 2014

Bo: 6 Weeks Baby Giant

How Big?: At his one month visit he weighed in at 11 pounds and 23 inches (95th percentile)!!! He has definitely grown since then. He is my baby giant. I have a feeling when he and Moose are older there won't be too much of a size difference. 
Clothing Size?: Length wise 6 month clothing is a bit long, but most of his 0-3 size stuff is a little too snug to wear comfortably. I amazed at how quickly he is growing. There are outfits I know Moose wore a million times that seem like they fit Bo for 20 minutes! We are still 100% cloth diapering. The hardest part IMO is carrying the huge diaper bag (huge bc of the amount of supplies required). More of the BumGenius pocket style diapers are on Bo's christmas list because goodness know he doesn't need toys, lol, and those type are more compact and easier on the go. 
What/When is he eating?: I am hopeful to start developing more of a routine, but he still loves to eat! It's different from day to day on what times. He seems to eat a lot and often. He isn't spitting up like he was before, and I have learned that he is more relaxed at the breast if it's not quite so full. (Sometimes that's easier to control than others.) Overall, though, I am back to eating real people food, and Bo seems to be growing out of the digestive troubles. 
Sleep?: Sleep is very hit or miss with Bo. Some nights he is starting to go for a five or SIX hour stretch, but others he is up for hours at night. He sill sleep a longer chunk earlier on it seems, then we are back to hourly or every two hour feeds. Often at night once he wakes, I can't set him back down. He is a baby who wants to be held and rocked and moved and patted and burped and shushed... I keep telling myself he will sleep someday, and I will miss the 3 am snuggles. 
Movement?: Little man is working to pick his head up, and he's so strong. He kicks his feet and is starting to learn how to roll over. He does the cute baby "standing" thing when you hold him upright. I love every bit of this stage.
Milestones?: First full night's sleep... that is a HUGE milestone in my book! I know there are so many more to come, but I am just still enjoying getting a couple more hours sleep!
Hardest Moment(s) of the Week: Bo isn't a very still or quiet baby. He likes to grunt and fuss and not be settled in general. It's tough because there are times I don't know what he wants. He is full, clean, but he mostly wants to be held on your shoulder and walked around. That gets hard when you're doing just about anything. 

Best Moment(s) of the Week: The weeks are flying by, and we are having so much fun. We enjoyed getting to see my sister and her girls this week, and we loved getting to snuggle up to a fire thanks to this cold weather.  

Other Updates: We are working to open the boys college funds through the state's program called the Texas Tuition Promise Fund, so I am really excited to making strides for their futures! And I am so excited that the Holidays are here, so much fun. I am officially cleared and will be back to work early in December. It's tough, but I am also looking forward to it!

Look at Bo compared to baby Moose at 6 Weeks... They look so much alike! Don't you think?

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