Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Moose & Bo: Christmas Lists 2014

It's unconventional to blog your kids' Christmas Lists; I am aware of this. However, I know that many of you read and keep up with the blog a lot more often that I get to talk to you.  My kids are incredibly blessed and don't need much this year, but I know that so many of you love them and want to get them something. I have come up with some ideas for both boys but no specific presents... If you want to text me, I will gladly brainstorm together for something more specific if these ideas don't help. Fair warning, though, I will probably be scrolling through the Black Friday ads for ideas :) 

Update #2 ... This might keep happening as I think of other stuff he likes. :) 
Moose's List:
#1 - College Fund: The number one thing on both boy's lists is a contribution to their college funds. They are both so small this year, and they have an abundance of stuff. We ask that if you want to give, please consider this option. (This is another HUGE reason that I am blogging their lists, so that I can give you a quick link with all the College Fund Information.) It may not seem fun now, but years down the road the pay off will be HUGE in their lives. 

#2 - Big Trucks: Moose LOVES trucks. Anytime we are on the highway, I hear "biiiituckkkkk" or at least something like that. He already has the steel Tonka dump truck and is getting the BIG steel Tonka dump truck.

#3 - School Buses: In addition to big truck, I also hear the word, "bus" every time we pass one! He loves to watch the bus in the morning and afternoon. 

#4 - Mickey Mouse: This is a very recent addition to the Moose likes list, but since Bo has come along, we have found a bit of necessity in even just a few minutes of cartoons. The one he really seems to like is the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! He will say, "Mickey" and "Hot Dog!" They do the Hot Dog Dance at the end of each show... just roll with it, so anything Mickey I bet he will like! 

#5 - Count von Count: This one is a toughie, but his favorite thing is to stomp, stomp the number of the day with Count. Then, he does the creepy vampire laugh with him after... Ah ah ahhhh! 

#6 - Clothes: Ok let me clear this up... he really doesn't need clothes BUT inevitably someone will find the PERFECT outfit for him I know. And if that person is you, I don't want you to think that Moose is 18 months so that size will fit him. :) He fits 3 or 4T tops and 3T pants. 

Update #7 - Kitchen Utensils: Yep, I totally forgot to add this to the list, but this kid LOVES a brightly colored plastic spatula! He loves all spoons and random kitchen utensils. 

Update again... #8 - Animals: This boy loves all things animal. (He thinks a duck says "bok bok bok," so that's adorable.) He says, "woof" to every puppy he sees and "meow" to the cats. Animals or farm toys are a-okay for this boy! 

#9 - Lights: This is kind of a weird one, but Moose adores just about anything that lights up. You should see his head spin for the few houses that already have their Christmas lights up, so add light up toys to the list!


Bo's List:
This list was extremely hard to come up with things for... he will just be three months by the time Christmas. We have so many toys from Moose and so many clothes, too. The things that Bo could use right now are really things Momma could use for Bo. If there is something babyish and adorable you just have to get him, we won't be offended :) 

#1 - College Fund: I think this gift is even more perfect for Bo! If you contribute more to his than Moose's that is ok because he is harder to get a gift for! Directions for gifting here

#2 -  Cloth Diapers: We are loving cloth diapers. I currently use what they call prefolds with covers, but as he is sleeping longer and longer at night we could use some of the other kind more effectively. The BumGenius 4.0 is a pocket diaper that we really like and could use a couple more of. If you are feeling adventurous, feel free to do some Google-ing and look at other All in One Cloth Diapers or Pocket Diapers because that would be a good gift as well.

#3 - Diaper Pail: We could use two of these small trashcans that have lids for the dirty diapers. Our current open air basket has quite the aroma... lol. 

#4 - Diaper Pail Bag: These are waterproof, washable bags that are also called liners. They go in the pail and can be tossed right in the wash. This would be very preferable to the Wal-Mart bags we are currently using. They also make smaller travel sized ones like this.

#5 - Clothes: Again I say, we don't really need clothes, (and I won't repeat my matra again), but Bo is already in 6 month clothes. 

Update #6 - Soft Books: We never had very many soft books for Moose, so this would be a great little toy gift for my littlest love this year. 

Ultimately, we are BEYOND grateful for any gift you choose for our children, and we won't mind a bit if you don't get them one. That isn't what this season is about - obligation and stress. Instead, we just ask that you love whatever choice you make and do it with a happy heart! If it's not on their list that's cool, too. You might have a wayyyy better idea than I did :) 

'Tis the Season! 

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