Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Moose & Bo: College Fund Gifting Information

Moose and Bo officially have college funds set up through the state of Texas! We are excited to be able to do this for the boys in this way because it makes it super easy for friends and family to be able to help contribute along the way. I had such a great experience with the Texas Tomorrow Fund that we selected the newer version called the Texas Tuition Promise Fund. It is beneficial because you pay the current tuition rate, rather than what it will be in eighteen years. 

Since we are asking you to contribute, let me tell you what you are contributing to:
We selected both boys as Pay-As-You-Go plans for now (to change to installments when we aren't quite so month to month), and the Type 1 units. The type one units guarantee that it will take 100 units or less to pay for a year of tuition (30 hours) at a Texas state school. These units are currently just under $130 a piece. Any extra units from each school year (if they choose a less expensive state school) stay in the account to be applied to the next year.  Good news is you don't have to buy a whole unit. You can contribute $20, and it will buy a partial unit! 

If they don't go to a state school, we get the money in their account back to use towards tuition anyways, and if they were to get a partial scholarship, we could use the fund to make up the difference and be refunded the rest (for books and living expenses). Still want to know more? Feel free to check out the program website here

To Gift money to the boys accounts:
Fill out this form and mail in your check. 

You'll need the following information: 
Account Owner - Autumn Riley 
My telephone number (not posted on the internet for the world to see)
Name of beneficiary - which kiddo's name you're contributing to (Moose's is under his legal name)
Account Number - Moose = 7145008017 & Bo = 7145008025

Let me know if you have any other questions or need help. We can't tell you how much we appreciate every penny put in these accounts! 

Additionally, please pray over these accounts when you are thinking of them. We want these funds to bless our kids and help them accomplish everything they can in life. 

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