Saturday, October 11, 2014

Bo: 1 Week.. Why am I covered in poo?

It's almost 1AM, and the question of the day already is, why am I covered in poop? I'm pretty sure that's how babies say, "good morning, momma, I love you as far as I can poop." I am loved. Very loved. 

Is this what mom life looks like? Should I have taken a middle of the night selfie and hashtagged it #momprobs? No, of course not... Who wants to see that hot mess? No one. That's who. 

Here's the best part of it all: I don't actually mind. 

Kids are amazing little creatures, and somehow that gives them a free pass (at least initially). So yes, the day has only just begun and I've already been peed, pooped, and thrown up on, but I honestly the only reason I mind at all is because I have to wash more clothes and our plumbing is messed up.. 

Which leads me to our next awesome tale from Riley-land: The Rileys never ending home repairs. If you read our birth story, you already know that last week the upstairs AC went out. It's been a crazy, crazy week.... 

How Big?: 8 lbs 5 oz & 19.5 in at the doctors on Monday
Clothing Size?: newborn and on our way into 0-3
What/When is he eating?:  We are breastfeeding round the clock. He is a very, very hungry boy! It is a long stretch, if he makes it two hours between feeds. About once a day, he will take a three hour nap... Of course we haven't gotten that pushed into bedtime, yet! A lot of the times I feed him once an hour. This could be extremely overwhelming, but there are some really good things working for us. 1: he is a pretty good eater. He eats quickly and doesn't mess around most of the time. 2: Bo and I are about a million times better at this together. Experience makes a huge difference. 
Sleep?: Bo is not sleeping through the night. He is barely even sleeping for three hour stretches. He always acts like he's starving, so I'm not sure when he will sleep a bit more. The nights aren't frantic or anything. We just feed a lot! Some nights it's every hour, but we are working towards mostly every two. I'll get some sleep later! 
Movement?: This baby is a wiggle butt. I'm shocked at how strong he is. He is already attempting to pick his head up, which he likes to slam down on me.
Milestones?: All milestones all week long! First car ride. First bath. First breath of fresh air. First poopacalypse.
Hardest Moment(s) of the Week: The hardest thing this week actually has very little to do with baby Bo. The day before Bo was born our AC went out, which you know about if you read Bo's birth story. This week something has gone wrong with our plumbing.... When it rains, right? 

The overflow clean outs in the yard were flooded day before, so poor Sam has been dealing with that chaos (on top of taking care of a 17 month old, a newborn, a postpartum wife, visitors...) We had them come snake it, and they told us it was a break. I thought I might cry. I emailed our wonderful church group and asked for prayers. Prayers came quickly! The city came and looked and told is it was too clogged to tell. Next, we have a plumber here. Then, the city came back... And then Sam started to dig. 

He dug for 6 hours. My stepdad arrived to try and help. 

Despite their Friday night efforts, the illusive pipe has yet to be found... We were hoping for that victory today, and so my stepdad rented an excavator.  AND THEN, we busted a gas line, despite having the utilities mark where the lines are... So currently my street looks like this

Oh man, what a week! 
Best Moment(s) of the Week: This has been one of the best weeks of my life!!! Finally having Bo in our family has been incredible. I am beyond in love with both of my sons, and I am adoring watching Moose give little Bo kisses. I am still a mess with hormones, so my teary mommy eyes are so happy that my boys seem to like each other already. I am BEYOND BLESSED! 

First Doctor's Visit
Monday, baby Bo want to see the doctor... Healthy and fit as a fiddle, doc said!! Weight came in at 8 pounds 5 ounces: that's right ALREADY GAINING WEIGHT! He is 60th percentile for the time being. 

This trip out of the house was no where near as overwhelming as when we made the same visit with Moose. It's amazing what a little perspective can do! 

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