Friday, October 31, 2014

Bo: 3 Weeks & 4 Weeks

How Big?: Growing Boy! He is definitely over 10 pounds! We will measure again at his one month appointment in November. 
Clothing Size?: 0-3 months is already snug in some outfits! We are not using disposable diapers at this point because of Mr. Sensitive Skin. We are using 100% cloth at this point. It's a learning curve, but it has been very rewarding. I am using prefolds and covers most of the time, but my aunt picked up a few pocket diapers (BumGenius 4.0) for us. They have been AMAZING for going out. They are a little bit easier to manage on the go. I will try to write a total cloth diaper update soon! 
What/When is he eating?: We haven't established much of a routine, yet, so he is a bit unpredictable. He still cluster feeds fairly often and without warning. Bottom line: kid eats A LOT
Sleep?: At 3 weeks, Bo isn't a super fan of sleep. We aren't doing anything that even remotely comes close to sleeping through the night. We wake up multiple times and sometimes we are awake for a while trying to get back to sleep. 
At 4 weeks, I broke down and gave him some mylicon and a warm bath the other night. He had the best night of sleep we have had yet. (4 hours straight!) It still hang been consistent... Oh there's time to sleep later, right? 
Movement?: He seems wiggly to me. He lifts his head often and even controls it for a couple of minutes. He scoots around by shifting his legs during tummy time... Crazy how fast they grow.
Milestones?: First time going to the park. First time to the mall. First Pumpkin Patch & First Holiday... Happy Halloween!
Hardest Moment(s) of the Week: At 3 weeks, everything seemed quiet after the plumbing debacle.
 I think the hardest parts for us right now are at night. There are times that Bo gets super fussy, and I can't always figure out what he needs on the first guess. He's also super hard to burp... Which makes things tough! At 4 weeks, those fussy spells are seeming more and more often, and he is spitting/throwing up a bit too often. I am struggling with what ails baby Bo's tummy. We are first searching for a possible food allergy. I am doing an elimination diet to help and see if it is a food I'm eating that bothers him. That means I get to eat these things and these things only: Turkey, Rice, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Pears, and Squash. That's been interesting for sure. I started Wednesday night and have to go through the weekend into next week on this very strict version.  I can start adding in foods again, if we determine that he is feeling better with the diet. It's a sacrifice, but I know that this is what's best for little man. He sees the doc on Monday, so we can hopefully get some more answers. (I am praying it's just a little reflux that he will grow out of ASAP!)
Best Moment(s) of the Week: I am just loving all the baby snuggles. There are times when the lack of sleep and the constant feeding can feel overwhelming, but mostly I am loving and soaking up as much Bo time as I can before I have to get back to work.  The other thing I ADORE is watching the boys together. Moose is an awesome big brother! 

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