Saturday, October 18, 2014

Bo: 2 Weeks Hungry Man

How Big?: 9 lbs 10 ounces & 21.75 inches long... WOAH!!! Kid is 90th percentile already. 

Clothing Size?: We are totally done with newborn... We are in 0-3, but it looks like we will only briefly be there as many of those items seem small already on him. Bo has very sensitive skin, and he has a yeast infection. The doctor says this is likely because he eats so often and soils diapers so quickly. We are using cloth diapers to help him feel comfortable. I thought they would be super gross, but honestly, I love using them!!! I think I am going to try to keep at it. (More info on my cloth diapering so far below...) 
What/When is he eating?: Yes, yes, yes... Our breastfeeding relationship is going really well!!!! It's truly a blessing. He is a hungry little critter. We are up feeding just about every hour at night with some two our stretches. He loves to eat. We are getting better at nursing in public too! 

Sleep?: Bo isn't a night sleeper. We are up hourly or every two throughout the night. Sam has been so helpful to grab Bo and rock him (to hold him off a few minutes on a feeding) to let me get a straight hour and half of sleep early in the evening. 
Movement?: I am still shocked at how strong this boy is!!! He is attempting to lift his head. It's so exciting to wonder when he will move around, but it's nice to know he can't yet, too!!!
Milestones?: First walk (to the end of the street). First family outing... Just a low key excursion to the local food truck night! It was perfect!!! 
Hardest Moment(s) of the Week: Our plumbing ordeal felt never ending... And it was by far the hardest thing we've had to deal with in the last two weeks.

Last I left you, there was a gas leak and the fire department in my front yard. 

The gas line that we hit was a double pressurized line. This means natural gas was quickly spewing into the air and the neighborhood was without gas. We have zero gas in the house, so that much at least remained unaffected, 

The gas company arrived to fix the leak fairly quickly, but the actual repair took the rest of the day... In my mind, they would come, do some sort of shut off, repair the hole, and Tada fixed. This is why I am not in charge. In fact, the gas company had to bring out the backhoe (yes a backhoe) and dig two more giant holes in the yard, pinch the line off on either side of the break, repair the hole, unpinch each side, fill the holes, and THEN Tada, lol! They were here for hours working until it had grown dark. 

Before you get too curious (and yes, I did tell you this last post) we DID call to have the lines marked before we proceeded to dig the yard apart with a mini excavator, but the gas company hadn't yet marked. (We missed that because we don't have gas.) And so, Sam and I began to fear the liability and cost of busting the line. 

They continued to dig and dig to search for the busted sewer line which had still yet to be found. FINALLY after hours of digging the mysterious sewer pipe was found... Under the sidewalk! The pipe they found wasn't the busted part, but it was a green, 6 inch pipe. This means city pipe, so it was decided that the city needed to come out again. 

My first morning alone with Sam back at work, and my first job was to wait for the city. They started to dig, but quickly realized how challenging the one-man-under-the-sidewalk-hole was to dig in, and they decided to go get the camera to find the break. When they did return, they found the break on the camera... On OUR side of the pipe. We were still not done with this epic tale.

Monday afternoon, despite family visiting, Sam was out in the hole digging, trying to discover the break. After another two hours of digging, he came in the house jubilant!!! "Break found." Turns out our 4 to 6 inch reducer that connects our pipe to the city line was infested with roots.

Now, Sam had to dig far enough around that the plumber could access the pipe and fix it. Such a good daddy, he came in for bedtime/bath time and then went back to shovel for an unknown amount of time.

Thank The Lord for good neighbors. One lent Sam a set of standing work lights, and the other sat on the pile of dirt keeping Sam company while he dug.

Good news: pipe found, dig out, and plumber scheduled for the next day

Bad news: In his efforts to get the pipe exposed, the reducer had fallen and the plumbing was no longer even moderately usable. 

Plumber scheduled for after lunch... But he ran late at another job and has to push us to Wednesday. By now, I'm crying. I'm smelly and can't shower. There are no clean bottles, dishes and laundry piling up everywhere. 

If you're keeping track, it's been nearly a week since this all started. We were stressed, exhausted, overwhelmed... But more than anything we were blessed. The plumber came on Wednesday and fixed the pipe. End in sight!!! 

A family friend works for the gas company and helped us make sure there would be no cost for us. 

Sam and my stepdad had to concrete the pipe, and now, it must cure until Monday. On Monday, Sam will be able to begin to put the dirt back in. Can you believe that it's taken all of this with a newborn? Sheesh.

I will be really happy when there is no hole in the yard... Although, we may never have grass. 

Best Moment(s) of the Week: Our family outing to the park for food truck night on Thursday was just what we needed!!! It was low key and perfect. Moose could run around. I got to practice nursing in public. We had yummy food truck pizza. It was the break from the chaos of our house that we needed. 

Adventures in Cloth Diapering 
The Bo man has a really bad yeast infection... And super sensitive skin. He was uncomfortable almost every time I sat him down, so my mom suggested using cloth diapers. Lots of folks use cloth in this day in age, but there are about a million systems. Very few people use old school diaper pins...

This type of cloth diapering is called prefold. I am actually really enjoying cloth diapering because I feel like I'm taking care of his fanny the way he needs.

I stuck with it most of last week and have gone mostly cloth exclusive (as much as I can with the number of diapers that I have) this week. I have to make the decision of whether or not I am going to stick with it because if I am cloth diapering we need a few more things to make this last long term.

Who knew you needed so much diaper swag? To keep up cloth diapering these are the things I think I will need. 

- more prefold diapers (I want to try the organic cotton prefolds from cloth-eez.) 
- more diaper covers (I bought two brands to try and think I like the Rumparooz cloth diaper covers because they're one size.) 
- a diaper sprayer 
- diaper pail liner (thirsties brand looks like a good option) Do I need one of these?

What advice do other Mommas have for me on this? (Especially those old school cloth diapering in the 70s and 80s moms! Tell me how you made it work long term and on the go!) 

The little covers are my favorite because they are so cute!! These are the two I got him to try out.

I am really thinking that we are going to stick with this once I develop a better washing routine. :) Wish us luck!!! And please weigh in if you've cloth diapered.  


  1. Hi Autumn,

    We are currently CDing our sweet 15 month old. We love Green Mountain Diaper (Cloth-eez) prefolds, they hold up well and are super soft after prepping. My favorite covers are sweet peas, they are more trim than the rumparoozs. We had both in Newborn size and I prefered my Sweet peas, we currently have 2 sweet peas in OS that we use often. We also use pocket diapers with prefold inserts, and hybrid fitteds. A wash routine is important, I know you said Bo has super sensitive skin so Tide Free would be a good option for you. We rinse, then wash on highest water setting in hot with and extra rinse and then I do one extra wash on cold. There are tons of great groups on Facebook that can help you out also. North Texas Cloth Diapering Momma's and Pappas is one I personally love. Also DFW cloth diaper BST is a great place to buy do you can try several different types and/or brands to find out what you love or don't. I hope this helps.

    1. This comment has been super helpful! Thank you so much for your insights.